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RUP Author Guides:
Helping you Navigate Each Step of the Publishing Process

Navigating the road from research proposal to published article can be challenging, but our 12-part Rockefeller University Press Author Guides series is here to help. In this series, we answer the most frequently asked author questions, provide advice for common challenges and tips to avoid pitfalls. With insights and templates, our guides will help you improve your communication with editors and reviewers, effectively present your results, and engage a wider audience in your field and beyond.

Content in this series was adapted from articles originally published in Editage Insights. For authors interested in presubmission manuscript preparation support services, RUP suggests Editage. For those whose first language is Chinese, a translated author services website from Editage is also available. Use the discount code “RUPEDITAGE” to save 15% on Editage services. This service is not mandatory for publication, does not guarantee peer review or acceptance, and you are not obliged to submit your manuscript to one of our journals if you choose to use the service. RUP does not collect revenue on Editage services.

Get started by selecting a topic below. There is no limit to the number of free guides you can download. We hope you enjoy this series and we welcome your feedback at [email protected] and Twitter at @RockUPress.

How to Improve Your Research Paper Title

How to Transfer Your Paper to Our Journals

How to Engage Readers with a Well-structured Abstract

Writing an Engaging Introduction

How to Write the Results and Discussion Sections

How to Write a Convincing Cover Letter

Creating Informative Tables and Figures

Handling Authorship

Responding to Reviewer Comments

Creating Graphical Abstracts, Video Abstracts, and Social Media Posts

Navigating License Types for Authors

Read-and-Publish Agreements

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