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Daily Publication

What is daily publication?

Since going online in 1997, RUP has been publishing articles online ahead of issue compilation. We have traditionally published articles in weekly Monday batches. Daily publication eliminates weekly batches and instead allows us to publish articles as soon as they are ready. Note that daily publication does not necessarily mean that articles *will* be published every day, but that articles *can* be published any day.

When are articles published?

Articles are usually published within 48 hours after the author returns corrected proofs. This can vary depending on the extent of requested changes. Publication date also depends on whether the article has a companion article or press coverage. See below for details. On publication day, the articles are usually posted before 10AM EST.

Are articles posted on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays?

Articles are not published on weekends or U.S. holidays.

When are articles deposited to PubMed Central?

Articles are delivered to PMC after complete issues are published. Unless the author has opted for Open Access (immediate open access for a fee of $5,300), Articles are made publicly available six months after the issue date. Open Access articles are made openly available on PMC as soon as PMC has completed their processing.

When are authors alerted to their publication date and when is the publication date known?

The publication date is determined and sent to all authors the day before their article is published.

My article was published online through daily publication and has not yet been assigned to an issue. How do I cite it?

Articles published online before an issue should be cited by DOI. For example:

Yuanbo Qi, Liming Yan, Caiting Yu, Xiangyang Guo, Xin Zhou, Xiaoyu Hu, Xiaofang Huang, Zihe Rao, Zhiyong Lou, and Junjie Hu. 2016. Structures of human mitofusin 1 provide insight into mitochondrial tethering. J. Cell Biol.

What happens if I save the citation information for an article that was published online through daily publication into my reference management software, but that article has not yet been assigned to an issue?

It will be saved as a DOI reference, which is completely acceptable in your published reference list.

My institution wants to issue a press release for my article and wants to know when the article will be published. What should I tell them?

If your institution is issuing a press release, it is important to let your copy editor know as soon as possible. Normally there is only a one-day notice prior to publication. If an article needs to be held for a press release, once your proofs have been returned, we can give notice of the publication date five days in advance.

My article is being featured in your journal through the publication of a highlight article (Insight, Spotlight, etc.). When will my article be published? When will the related highlight article be published?

Publication of your article will not be affected by related highlight articles. We will ensure that the highlight is not published prior to your research article, but the highlight article may be published at a later date than your article.

My article is to be published with a companion research article in the same journal. When will my article be published in relation to the companion?

True companion articles, i.e., research articles that cite one another, will always be published on the same day. This means that one article may have to sit and wait before being assigned a publication date. For highlight relationships, e.g., In Focus, Spotlight, or Insight to Article, there are safety mechanisms to prevent the highlight from being published prior to the research article. However, the research article can be published before the highlight is ready.

Can I make changes to my article once it has been posted online through daily publication?

Once an article is posted, it becomes the published version of record. It is immediately indexed in PubMed and Crossref. Any changes will require an official correction, just as if it were posted with a complete issue.

If I make changes to my article, will RUP redeposit the revised article to PubMed Central?

If an article needs to be corrected after publication, we will update the HTML and PDF, but will also run an official correction to alert users who may have already read and/or downloaded the article, and to ensure a transparent and accurate publication record. The revised files as well as the correction will be deposited to PubMed Central.

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