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Call for Papers

Contractile Systems, Mechanobiology and Regulation: Novel Concepts, Technologies and Applications

You are invited to submit papers on the topic of the 2024 Myofilament Meeting: “Contractile Systems, Mechanobiology and Regulation: Novel Concepts, Technologies and Applications” to be published throughout the year and highlighted in a special issue. Guest editors of the special issue are Elisabetta Brunello of King's College London, Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos of the University of Maryland, Kerry McDonald of the University of Missouri, and Michael Regnier of the University of Washington. They are assisted in handling the reviews of submitted manuscripts by JGP Associate Editor Henk Granzier of the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Submissions of all article types are welcome—Research Articles, Communications, Hypotheses, Methods and Approaches, and Review articles. The deadline for submission for inclusion in the special issue is October 1, 2024. Authors can now publish in JGP free of charge or pay a reduced fee to make their articles immediately Open Access. Learn more about our No Fee-Low Fee policy.

Ready to prepare your paper for submission? Visit our instructions for authors.

Please note that the special issue will be published online as papers are accepted, minimizing the time from acceptance to publication. During the submission process, please indicate that this is for the 2024 Myofilament Meeting call for papers.

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