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Call for Papers:
Cardiac, Skeletal, and Smooth Muscle Excitation–Contraction Coupling

You are invited to submit papers for a Special Issue on the topic of Cardiac, Skeletal, and Smooth Muscle Excitation–Contraction (EC) Coupling to the Journal of General Physiology (JGP) by January 31, 2022.

EC coupling comprises the processes that link incoming exciting signals, which can be electrical or chemical, to contraction of cardiac, skeletal or smooth muscles. The Special Issue will collect work on a broad range of relevant mechanisms, in all types and sources of muscle. Approaches to basic physiology, the pathological and clinical consequences of altered function, and mechanism-based therapeutics are all welcome.

The review process is overseen by JGP Associate Editor Eduardo Rios, and Editor-in-Chief David Eisner. They are joined by Guest Editors Karin Sipido of the University of Leuven, Belgium, and Robert Dirksen of the University of Rochester, New York. 

Submissions of Research Articles, Communications, Hypotheses, or Methods and Approaches are specifically invited, in any format. Submit by the January 31, 2022 deadline and choose either a full waiver of the $2,000 publication fee (provides perpetual open access 6 months after publication) OR receive a $2,000 discount on JGP's Immediate Open Access fee.

During the submission process, please indicate that the material is intended for publication in the Cardiac, Skeletal, and Smooth Muscle Excitation–Contraction Coupling Special Issue.

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Artwork adapted from ©2015 Perni et al.


Calcium Signaling and Excitation–Contraction Coupling in Cardiac, Skeletal, and Smooth Muscle Symposium
November 18–19, 2021

This online symposium highlighted recent advances in calcium signaling in all types of muscle: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. It was held in association with a Special Issue of JGP. It was free to all and designed to be truly global with two of the four sessions held at times suitable for the Western Hemisphere, and the others suitable for the Eastern.

Organizers: Don Bers, Bob Dirksen, David Eisner, Ana María Gómez, Eduardo Ríos, and Karin Sipido

Outline Partial Program:

Session 1, Calcium homeostasis and signaling
Chair: Laszlo Csernoch (Debrecen University).
Speakers: Mariana Casas (University of Chile), Beatrix Dienes (Debrecen University), Fujian Lu (Harvard and Peking University), Yong Xiao Wang (Albany Medical College), Susan Treves (University Hospital Basel), Susan Wray (University of Liverpool)

Session 2, Structural organization of the E-C coupling machinery and its proteins
Chair: Montserrat Samsó (Virginia Commonwealth University).
Speakers: Zhiguang Yuchi (Tianjin University), William E. Louch (Oslo University), Oliver Clarke (Columbia University), Kavita Iyer (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Session 3, Excitation-Contraction coupling and associated proteins
Chair: Heping Cheng (Peking University).
Speakers: Erick Hernández-Ochoa (University of Maryland), Long-Sheng Song (University of Iowa), Mark Nelson (University of Vermont), Brad Launikonis (University of Queensland)

Session 4, Muscle diseases and therapy.
Chair: Nagomi Kurebayashi (Juntendo University).
Speakers: Shi-Qiang Wang (Peking University), Toshiko Yamazawa (Jikei University), Angela Dulhunty (The John Curtin School of Medical Research), Yuki Katanosaka (Okayama University), Stephen Cannon (University of California, Los Angeles), Don Bers (University of California, Davis), Jingsong Zhou (The University of Texas at Arlington).

For additional information on this symposium, contact Eduardo Rios or David Eisner .

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