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Neuroscience Collection 2023

This collection of recent neuroscience articles spans a wide range of topics, from the regulation of cholesterol levels in neural stem cells by mechanosensitive channels to the control of daily oscillations in the repetitive firing rates of neurons in the master circadian pacemaker. Other papers explore the functional properties of epilepsy-associated SCN2A variants, the mechanisms underlying several different channelopathies, the regulation of mechanosensitive membrane proteins, and how temperature intensifies pain-linked sodium channel gating. The collection has been curated to showcase the diversity of topics and the quality of research published in JGP.

In addition, we are pleased to present a special magazine that contains the abstracts of some of the research articles from this collection, as well as neuroscience research published in other Rockefeller University Press journals. Download the special collection PDF here.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection and we encourage you to submit your work to JGP. If you wish to receive alerts about future JGP collections, you can sign up here. Stay up to date by following JGP on twitter @JGenPhysiol and contact the editorial office with questions about submission or the suitability of your work for JGP.

Image © 2022 Nourse et al.

Special Collection Image
Christopher H. Thompson; Franck Potet; Tatiana V. Abramova; Jean-Marc DeKeyser; Nora F. Ghabra; Carlos G. Vanoye; John J. Millichap; Alfred L. George, Jr
Sophia Kriegeskorte; Raya Bott; Martin Hampl; Alon Korngreen; Ralf Hausmann; Angelika Lampert
Tracey O. Hermanstyne; Nien-Du Yang; Daniel Granados-Fuentes; Xiaofan Li; Rebecca L. Mellor; Timothy Jegla; Erik D. Herzog; Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Antonella Dapino; Federico Davoine; Sebastian Curti
Yanyan Geng; Ping Li; Alice Butler; Bill Wang; Lawrence Salkoff; Karl L. Magleby
Miriam B. Goodman; Elizabeth S. Haswell; Valeria Vásquez
Moradeke A. Bamgboye; Kevin G. Herold; Daiana C.O. Vieira; Maria K. Traficante; Philippa J. Rogers; Manu Ben-Johny; Ivy E. Dick
Jamison L. Nourse; Vivian M. Leung; Hamid Abuwarda; Elizabeth L. Evans; Esmeralda Izquierdo-Ortiz; Alan T. Ly; Nguyen Truong; Samantha Smith; Harsh Bhavsar; Gabriella Bertaccini; Edwin S. Monuki; Mitradas M. Panicker; Medha M. Pathak
Yiechang Lin; Amanda Buyan; Ben Corry
John Smith Del Rosario; Matthew Gabrielle; Yevgen Yudin; Tibor Rohacs
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