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Ion Channels & Transporters in Immunity

A collection on ion channels and transporters that play roles in the physiology of immune cells and inflammation. The collection highlights articles published in JGP that are of interest to the community and are focused on understanding the structure and function of these fundamental proteins. We hope you enjoy reading the collection and welcome your comments on Twitter. If you are interested in learning more about publishing in JGP, contact the editorial office.

Image © 2020 Tóth et al.

Special Collection Image
Tibor G. Szanto; Florina Zakany; Ferenc Papp; Zoltan Varga; Carol J. Deutsch; Gyorgy Panyi
Balázs Tóth; Iordan Iordanov; László Csanády
Asmahan Abu-Arish; Elvis Pandžić; Dusik Kim; Hsin Wei Tseng; Paul W. Wiseman; John W. Hanrahan
Kevin Strange; Toshiki Yamada; Jerod S. Denton
Alistair G. Fryatt; Sudad Dayl; Anastasios Stavrou; Ralf Schmid; Richard J. Evans
Michelle Yen; Richard S. Lewis
Maria E. Falzone; Mattia Malvezzi; Byoung-Cheol Lee; Alessio Accardi
Ping Lu; Cheng-Hai Zhang; Lawrence M. Lifshitz; Ronghua ZhuGe
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