Swelling-activated [K-Cl] cotransport and shrinkage-activated Na/H exchange were studied in dog red cells with altered internal Mg or Li content. The two pathways responded in a coordinated fashion. When cells were depleted of Mg, [K-Cl] cotransport was stimulated and Na/H exchange was inhibited. Raising internal Mg had the opposite effect: [K-Cl] cotransport was inhibited and Na/H exchange was stimulated. Li loading, previously shown to stimulate Na/H exchange, inhibited [K-Cl] cotransport. From these reciprocal effects and from other evidence, we surmise that the regulation of Na/H exchange and [K-Cl] cotransport is conducted and coordinated by a discrete mechanism that responds to changes in cell volume and is sensitive to cytoplasmic Mg and Li concentrations.

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