1. A comparative study has been made of the diffusibility of calcium in solutions of crystalline egg albumin, serum globulin, and human blood serum.

2. In all three of these solutions, at pH 7.4, molal Ca concentrations within the membrane are greater than the calcium concentrations in the outside solutions, quite in accordance with the Donnan theory.

3. At pH 7.4, the ratio of

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varies directly with the protein concentration whether the solution be one of egg albumin, serum globulin, or blood serum. This is also in accordance with the Donnan theory.

4. On the acid side of the isoelectric point of the proteins, the concentration of Ca outside becomes greater than the concentration in the solution of blood serum or pure protein, as is demanded by the Donnan theory.

5. The magnitude of the Ca ratios on the alkaline and acid sides of the isoelectric points is probably the resultant of the Donnan equilibrium and the formation of complex Ca-protein ions. Northrop and Kunitz have shown the probability of the existence of such ions in the case of Zn++, K+, and Li+, where satisfactory electrodes have been developed for E.M.F. measurements.

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