The nature of the block of potassium conductance by strychnine in frog node of Ranvier was investigated. The block is voltage-dependent and reaches a steady level with a relaxation time of 1 to several ms. Block is increased by depolarization or a reduction in [K+]O as well as by increasing strychnine concentration. A quaternary derivative of strychnine produces a similar block only when applied intracellularly. In general and in detail, strychnine block resembles that produced by intracellular application of the substituted tetraethylammonium compounds extensively studied by C.M. Armstrong (1969. J. Gen Physiol. 54:553-575. 1971. J. Gen. Physiol. 58:413-437). The kinetics, voltage dependence, and dependence on [K+]O of strychnine block are of the same form. It is concluded that tertiary strychnine must cross the axon membrane and block from the axoplasmic side in the same fashion as these quaternary amines.

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