In an isometric tetanus in frog's sartorius muscle tension approaches the plateau exponentially with rate constant α. α a depends on sarcomere length, s, and temperature, T, according to the Arrhenius equation

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for temperatures between 1 and 20°C and for sarcomere lengths 2.0–2.8 µm. The energy of activation, E, does not vary significantly with s; E = 13.9 ± 2.4 kcal/mole. A(s) decreases monotonically with s; A(2.1 µm) is about three times greater than A(2.8 µm). Late in relaxation active tension approaches zero exponentially with rate constant r. r decreases exponentially with increasing duration of tetanus, D, from r0 in a twitch to r for large D. The rate constant for decrease of r with D increases with s and with T. r0 and r obey the Arrhenius equation and decrease with increasing s.

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