2,4,6-Trinitro-3-methyl-phenol (trinitrocresol, H+TNC-) was found to inhibit anion and stimulate cation movements across the membranes of both high potassium (HK) and low potassium (LK) sheep red blood cells. The concentration of TNC- required to inhibit SO4- and Cl- efflux (10-5-10-3 M) was less than that required to increase Na+ and K+ leakage (10-3-10-2 M). Both the inhibition of anion and stimulation of cation permeation were reversed if TNC- was washed from the red cells. The cation leak caused by TNC- was much greater at 0° and 37°C than at room temperature (23°C). In sheep red cells, TNC- was found to be about 20 times more effective than salicylate and about 40 times more effective than thiocyanate in increasing cation leak. TNC- also inhibited the ouabain-sensitive potassium influx.

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