The present experiments were designed to evaluate coupling of water and nonelectrolyte flows in porous lipid bilayer membranes (i.e., in the presence of amphotericin B) in series with unstirred layers. Alterations in solute flux during osmosis, with respect to the flux in the absence of net water flow, could be related to two factors: first, changes in the diffusional component of solute flux referable to variations in solute concentrations at the membrane interfaces produced by osmotic flow through the unstirred layers; and second, coupling of solute and solvent flows within the membrane phase. Osmotic water flow in the same direction as solute flow increased substantially the net fluxes of glycerol and erythritol through the membranes, while osmotic flow in the opposite direction to glycerol flow reduced the net flux of that solute. The observed effects of osmotic water flow on the fluxes of these solutes were in reasonable agreement with predictions based on a model for coupling of solute and solvent flows within the membrane phase, and considerably in excess of the prediction for a diffusion process alone.

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