1. By the use of preparations of earthworm in which the cutaneous receptors have been anesthetized with a solution of M/8 MgCl2, it is shown that peristalsis can be initiated by tension alone.

2. The receptors of the tension reflex are the intermyal sensory cells of the ventral region of the body wall.

3. It is concluded that Straub obtained the tension reflex because his preparations contained the intermyal receptors; Budington was unable to observe the tension reflex in any preparation from which the intermyal receptors had been removed.

4. Intermyal receptors are the receptors of the following reaction: Passive unilateral tension of the posterior part of an earthworm induces active homolateral tension of the musculature of the anterior segments, and results in the course of progress being brought into line with the enforced orientation of the tail. This reaction is termed the homostrophic reflex.

5. The receptors for the reaction are distributed throughout the entire length of the worm, the effectors are limited to the anterior 15 to 20 segments. The impulse is conducted by the ventral nerve cord.

6. The interaction of the homostrophic reflex and tropisms is considered.

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