A "translation" of the phenomenological permeability coefficients into friction and distribution coefficients amenable to physical interpretation is presented. Expressions are obtained for the solute permeability coefficient ω and the reflection coefficient σ for both non-electrolytic and electrolytic permeants. An analysis of the coefficients is given for loose membranes as well as for dense natural membranes where transport may go through capillaries or by solution in the lipoid parts of the membrane. Water diffusion and filtration and the relation between these and capillary pore radius of the membrane are discussed. For the permeation of ions through the charged membranes equations are developed for the case of zero electrical current in the membrane. The correlation of σ with ω and Lp for electrolytes resembles that for non-electrolytes. In this case ω and σ depend markedly on ion concentration and on the charge density of the membrane. The reflection coefficient may assume negative values indicating anomalous osmosis. An analysis of the phenomena of anomalous osmosis was carried out for the model of Teorell and Meyer and Sievers and the results agree with the experimental data of Loeb and of Grim and Sollner. A set of equations and reference curves are presented for the evaluation of ω and σ in the transport of polyvalent ions through charged membranes.

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