(1) The proportion of infected B. megatherium cells which develop lysogenic colonies depends on the number and kind of infecting virus particles and on the culture medium in which the cells are growing. (2) Cells infected with 100 or more T virus particles (from megatherium 899) in yeast extract peptone disintegrate, produce very few virus particles, and less than one lysogenic colony per 107 infected cells. Cells infected with one or a few particles produce 500 to 1000 virus particles each and about 30 lysogenic colonies per 107 infected colonies. (3) T phage obtained from lysogenic magatherium KM cultures produces many more lysogenic cells than does the original megatherium 899 virus. (4) Cells infected with megatherium 899 T virus in peptone medium and then transferred to asparagine medium give rise to 106 lysogenic colonies per 107 infected cells and this transformation will occur even after the infected cells have been in peptone for 60 to 90 minutes and are beginning to produce virus particles. (5) Continued growth of KM strain with either C or T virus from megatherium 899 for several hundred generations in the steady state apparatus results in a lysogenic strain which produces several different types of virus.

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