1. A further study has been made of the effect of indole-3-acetic acid (auxin) on protoplasmic streaming in the epidermal cells of the Avena coleoptile.

2. The transient nature of the effect of auxin, both in accelerating and retarding streaming, is due to the temporary exhaustion of carbohydrate from the tissues. In presence of 1 per cent fructose or some other sugars the acceleration or retardation of streaming by auxin is not transient, but is maintained for at least 2 hours.

3. The retardation of streaming brought about by concentrations of auxin above 0.5 mg. per liter is due to oxygen deficiency This has been confirmed in several ways.

4. It follows that the effect of auxin is to increase the respiration of the coleoptile tissue.

5. Younger coleoptiles, 3 cm. long, are sensitive to lower concentrations of auxin than those 5 cm. long, and more readily exhibit oxygen deficiency as a result of the action of auxin. However, after decapitation their response to auxin more closely resembles that of 5 cm. coleoptiles.

6. The retardation of streaming in such coleoptiles, resulting from oxygen deficiency, is delayed by very dilute solutions of histidine. On this basis an explanation is suggested for the results of Fitting on streaming in Vallisneria leaves.

7. The mean rate of streaming in control untreated coleoptiles in pure water varies with the time of year, but not with the time of day.

8. The results support the view that auxin accelerates an oxygen-consuming process which controls the rate of protoplasmic streaming, and that the latter controls growth. The substrate for this process is probably sugar.

9. It is suggested that auxin also accelerates another oxygen-consuming process, which may withdraw oxygen from the process which controls streaming rate and hence cause retardation of the latter.

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