1. Transport of the plant growth hormone into the Avena coleoptile as well as the action of the hormone on cell elongation in the coleoptile are shown to depend upon aerobic metabolism.

2. Crystalline auxine, in contrast with impure preparations, affects neither the magnitude nor the respiratory quotient of coleoptile respiration.

3. Increasing age of the coleoptile cell decreases its rate of elongation much more than its rate of respiration. HCN or phenylurethane on the other hand decrease the two processes to the same extent, in spite of the fact that only a small portion of the energy liberated by respiration can be used in the mechanical process of growth.

4. From 2 and 3 it is concluded that processes of a respiratory nature but of relatively small magnitude form one or more integral steps in the chain of reactions by which the plant growth hormone brings about cell elongation.

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