1. Stimulation in the rock barnacle Balanus balanoides by the sodium salts of the first seven normal aliphatic acids has been studied at several different concentrations for each salt. The pH was adjusted to that of sea water (8.1 ±0.15) and all experimental conditions were held as constant as possible. Criterion of response was the per cent closure of valves at successive 2 minute intervals.

2. In general, the stimulating efficiency increases with concentration, but the ratios of effectiveness at increasing concentrations differ for each salt.

3. The order of effectiveness for 40 to 50 per cent closure is: heptylate = caproate > valerate > butyrate > formate > propionate > acetate. For 60 per cent closure or more, formate is the least effective of all.

4. Stimulating efficiency is correlated with the potential of the anion of the acid and with the concentration of that ion near or at the receptor surface as determined by the length of the carbon chain.

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