Associate Editor: Kenton J. Swartz

The JGP is delighted to announce that Kenton Swartz has joined the group of associate editors. Kenton is a senior investigator in the Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Section of the Basic Neuroscience Program at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Kenton received a PhD in Neurobiology at Harvard in 1993 and continued as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Rod MacKinnon. Among his distinctions are a National Research Award (1995), the NINDS Merit Award for Mentoring (2007), and the NIH Director’s Award (2008). Kenton served in 2010 as the president of the Society for General Physiologists, with whom the JGP has a long-standing cooperative relationship (“Enlisting young physiologists”; December 2009; JGP 134:451–452). Kenton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in ion channel structure and function, with many classical publications on voltage sensing of K channels and Na channels, on P2X receptors, and on the mechanisms of interaction of toxins with various channels.

The job

The associate editors of the JGP meet weekly to select reviewers for newly submitted papers and to evaluate reviews. In the weekly meetings, each editor presents a précis of any manuscripts for which he is responsible and for which the reviews have been received. The editor of record critiques the reviews and manuscript, and makes an initial recommendation as to the action to be taken. The final decision is made by the entire group. This process has several checks and balances, which ensure that each manuscript receives a competent and fair review and that the rationale for the decision is communicated to the authors with transparency and efficiency. The effectiveness of the review process depends critically on the selection of conscientious reviewers and on their efforts. Our commitment to see that authors respond comprehensively to the comments of reviewers contributes considerably to the quality of the papers in the JGP and also, we believe, inspires reviewers to be thorough (“Kudos to reviewers for the JGP”; February 2009; JGP 133:129–130).

Olaf Andersen: recipient of the 2011 Biophysical Society Distinguished Service Award

No associate editor has better exemplified the commitment of the JGP to the integrity of the review process and to the quality of the final published product than Olaf Andersen, who served as associate editor of the JGP from 1984 to 1994 and as editor from 1995 to 2008. We congratulate Olaf on the honor of receiving the Biophysical Society’s Distinguished Service Award and recognize that his contributions as JGP editor certainly rank among his greatest services to the field (see “The legacy of Olaf Sparre Andersen”; July 2008; JGP 132:1–3). Olaf continues to make invaluable contributions to the JGP as the editor of the highly instructive Perspectives series, which he initiated (“New perspective: history of the Perspectives series”; January 2010; JGP 135:1). We strongly encourage our readers to sample the rich and timely spread offered by the Perspectives.

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