Volume 126, No. 3, September 5, 2005. Pages 193–204.

The original version of this article contained a few errors. The concentration for PIP2 used to attenuate rundown was 0.3 μM, not 3 μM, as was stated several places in the text.

In Materials and Methods, p. 194, under the section “Electrophysiology,” “3 μM sonicated PIP2” should read “0.3 μM sonicated PIP2.”

In Results, p. 195, under the section “Controlling Rundown of P/Q-type Channels,” “a low concentration (3 μM) of PIP2” should read “a low concentration (0.3 μM) of PIP2.”

Also, in Results, p. 196, at the end of the first paragraph, “PIP2 (3 μM) in inside-out patches” should read “PIP2 (0.3 μM) in inside-out patches.”