Parietovisceral ganglia from Aplysia californica were incubated in medium containing leucine-3H. Single, identified nerve cell somas were isolated from the ganglia, and their proteins extracted and separated by electrophoresis on 5% SDS-polyacrylamide gels. The distribution of total or newly synthesized proteins from the single neurons was determined by staining or slicing and liquid scintillation counting of the gels. Experiments showed that: (a) a number of proteins were being synthesized in abundance in the nerve cells; (b) different, identified neurons showed reproducibly different labeling patterns in the gels; (c) cells R2 and R15, which showed different distributions of radioactivity in the gels, had similar staining patterns; and (d) there was significant incorporation into material of high (>75,000) molecular weight in most of the cells.

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