Unidirectional influxes of sugars and Na from muscosal solution into the cells of rabbit ileum have been examined. The influxes of glucose, galactose, and 3-0-methyl glucose (3 MG) follow Michaelis-Menten type kinetics and are markedly dependent on the presence ofNa in the mucosal solution. For 3 MG, reduction of Na concentration causes a decrease in maximal rate of influx and little change in the "apparent Michaelis constant." There appeared to be little mediated entry of 3 MG into the cells from Na-free solution. The influx of Na was increased by the presence of 3 MG in the mucosal solution and at all Na concentrations tested, there was a 1:1 ratio between sugar influx and the sugar-dependent Na influx. On the basis of these observations, a model has been developed for the sugar transport system involving a transport site that combines with both sugar and Na.

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