The volume occupied by the extracellular space has been investigated in six types of voluntary muscles: sartorius (frog), semitendinosus (frog), tibialis anticus longus (frog), iliofibularis (frog), rectus abdominis (frog), and diaphragm (rat). With the aid of four types of probe material, three of which are conventionally employed (inulin, sorbitol, sucrose) and one of which is newly introduced (poly-L-glutamate), and a different experimental method, we have demonstrated that the "true" extracellular space of frog sartorius, semitendinosus, tibialis anticus longus, and iliofibularis muscle and of rat diaphragm muscle is equal to, or probably less than, 8–9% (v/w) of the tissue. The frog rectus muscle shows a somewhat higher ceiling value of 14%.

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