Transmembrane potentials were recorded simultaneously from pairs of ventricular fibers in an isolated, regularly beating preparation. A double-barrelled microelectrode was used to record the potentials from, and to polarize, one fiber. A single microelectrode was used to record from a distant fiber. The existence of two systems of fibers, termed P and V, was confirmed. Histological evidence for the existence of two types of fibers is also presented. Electrotonic current spread was observed within both systems, electrotonic interaction between the two systems was rare and always weak. In the case of those pairs of fibers showing electrotonic interaction, the distance for an e-fold decrease in magnitude of the electrotonic potentials was found to be from 300 to 600 µ in P fibers and from 100 to 300 µ in V fibers. However, no electrotonic interaction could be observed in the majority of V fiber pairs. Moreover, the magnitude of the electrotonic potential did not decay monotonically with distance in any one direction. It is concluded that the rabbit ventricle cannot be regarded as a single freely interconnected syncytium.

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