Failure to demonstrate ATP1 utilization in an ATP-activated hemolytic system had been previously reported. In the present study ATP utilization is shown to be associated with the hemolytic reaction and also with the ATP-dependent inactivation of the hemolytic factor of the system by crude, washed, human red cell stroma. Using crude stroma, relatively large ATP utilization occurs and continues, but at a decreasing rate, after inactivation of the hemolytic factor is complete. With purified stroma there is very slight uptake of ATP by the stroma in the presence of hemolytic factor and Mg++. This uptake can only be demonstrated by radioactive ATP. Both C14- and P32—labelled nucleotide were used for this purpose. In the presence of an excess of stroma the uptake seems to be dependent on the amount of hemolytic factor used. Evidence is given contraindicating the possibility that this uptake is non-specific.

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