The inward transport of potassium by separated dog erythrocytes has been studied at concentrations of potassium in the medium from 2.9 to 25.0 m.eq./liter and at 38.0 and 33.0°C. At the physiological concentration of external potassium (4.06 m.eq./liter medium), the inward potassium flux is 0.11 m.eq./liter cells hour and the glucose consumption is 2.0 mM/liter cells hour. The dependence of potassium influx on extracellular potassium concentration is given by the following equation,

K influx (m.eq./liter cells hour) = 0.028 [K]amb. – 0.003

in which [K]amb. refers to the potassium concentration in the medium. In a single 93 hour experiment, 94 per cent of the intracellular potassium was exchanged at an apparently uniform rate. The average apparent activation energy for the process is 7,750 calories ± 2,000 calories/mol and there is some indication that the apparent activation energy of inward K transport decreases with increasing external K concentration.

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