1. Mutants produced by x-irradiation of fungal spores of Chaetomium globosum have been compared with those produced by ultraviolet irradiation.

2. The most striking difference between the mutants produced by x-irradiation and ultraviolet irradiation is the absence in x-ray experiments of the K mutant which is produced in large numbers at short ultraviolet wave lengths.

3. A comparison is made of the relation between x-ray dose and numbers of lethal mutants, and the relation between the short ultraviolet wave length 2804 dose and numbers of lethal mutants. Both are compared with theoretical curves for 1, 2, 5, and 8 quantum hits.

4. The production of lethal mutants by x-rays is shown to be consistent with the theoretical curve for five quantum hits on the sensitive spot of the spore, whereas the production of lethal mutants by the ultraviolet wave length 2804 Å.u. is consistent with two quantum hits.

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