The JGP is pleased to announce that Sharona Gordon, associate professor of physiology and biophysics at the University of Washington, has become an associate editor. Sharona has held a Jules and Doris Stein Research to Prevent Blindness Professorship and served with distinction on many national and institutional committees, including the National Institutes of Health/CSR Neurotransmitter Transporter, Receptors and Channels study section, the Biophysical Society Council, and the Biophysical Society Program Committee, which she has chaired for the 2012 meeting. She has been a member of the JGP Editorial Board since 2000, and in 2010 was the organizer and editor of the excellent Perspectives on Local Calcium Signaling (Gordon, 2010; JGP 136:117). Sharona brings to the editorial position a depth of research experience with cyclic nucleotide–activated and TRP channels, and a broad knowledge of neuronal signaling. She also brings to the job a special passion for the recruiting, training, and education of young scientists.

Experiment in publishing: Video summaries of articles

The editors want to notify the Journal’s authors of an experiment that we will undertake in the upcoming months: the publication of video summaries of JGP articles. The Journal’s goal for this voluntary effort is to enhance access to the scientific content of articles, as though the author were presenting a poster on the work to non-specialists at a general scientific meeting. As a rough guide, the Video Summary will encompass five to seven slides, including an introductory slide and one summary (or future directions) slide and will last 5 minutes. The spoken portion of the presentation should be 650–700 words, presented at a pace making it accessible to nonnative English speakers. The authors’ objective in the Video Summary should be to present the question posed in the work and the main results, for example, as described in the article’s abstract. Authors will be able to submit a Video Summary up to two months after an article’s publication. Video Summaries will remain indefinitely accessible on the JGP website.

A Video Summary submission will comprise a written script and PowerPoint presentation that will be submitted by the authors and vetted by the editors around the time of acceptance of a paper. The authors of all accepted articles will be invited to submit a Video Summary, but the decision to do so will lie completely with the article’s authors. The presenter should introduce him/herself along with the title of the paper (if desired, by talking directly to the camera), and then proceed to the introductory slide(s), which should ensure that the non-specialist can understand the point of the research and the specific question(s) it addresses. The presenter will then proceed to the key results, making sure that each item presented is clearly and concisely explained, and keeping in mind that the interested reader can always turn to the published paper to examine control experiments, statistics, etc., to assess the validity of the conclusions. The final slide of the video summary should provide bullet points and or a diagram explaining the main conclusions, and if possible some questions for future research that may have arisen from the study.

The JGP will publish a complete description of the Video Summary in the Instructions for Authors. We hope that authors will take advantage of this new option and provide the Journal’s “viewership” with many stimulating and informative presentations.

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