The mission of The Journal of General Physiology is to publish articles that elucidate basic biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms of broad physiological significance, and The Journal has a long tradition of publishing articles that rely on quantitative reasoning to obtain mechanistic insights into important biological problems. Over many years, The Journal's focus has been questions concerning the functions of the plasma or organellar membranes; but these are not the only problems that have an established tradition of such a quantitative approach to biological function. Muscle contraction and molecular motors have a similarly well-established tradition—even though single-molecule measurements for many years were the exclusive province of the electrophysiologist. To assure that manuscripts pertaining to muscle contraction and molecular motors receive the same constructively rigorous review that is a hallmark of The Journal, we have expanded the Board of Advisory Editors to include experts in these fields, and we are pleased to announce that

Dr. Kenneth C. Holmes

has agreed to serve as Associate Editor. Dr. Holmes will be based in Heidelberg, Germany, but The Journal's editorial decision-making standards will continue to be those that have served The Journal well for many years. Our authors can be assured that we will maintain our uniform process in which the manuscripts are read and the decisions are made by the editors as a group.