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JEM Introduces Associate Editorial Board

Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) is proud to announce the creation of its Associate Editorial Board, an initiative aimed at building on JEM’s efforts in diversity, transparency, and scientific rigor. This new board consists of four distinguished associate editors, each bringing a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to the journal.

The Associate Editorial Board was established with three core objectives: to engage early career independent investigators, to broaden representation within the editorial board, and to elevate the transparency and scientific integrity of JEM’s editorial process.

“The establishment of the Associate Editorial Board marks a significant step forward in JEM’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence in scientific research,” JEM Executive Editor Shachi Bhatt says. “By integrating early career researchers and emphasizing diverse perspectives, we are not only enriching our editorial process but also paving the way for a more inclusive future in scientific publishing.”

Each associate editor has demonstrated expertise in their respective research areas, secured publicly recognized funding, and have published as corresponding authors. Their role includes supporting the scientific and academic editors in making informed decisions on manuscripts and participating actively in all stages of the manuscript peer-review process, handling a minimum of 4–6 manuscripts per month.

Michel Nussenzweig, JEM Editorial Board Co-Chair, adds, “The associate editors bring a dynamic blend of fresh insights and proven expertise, crucial for advancing JEM’s mission of publishing high-quality, impactful research. Their involvement is a testament to JEM’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders and ensuring a broad range of voices are heard in our editorial decisions.”

The inaugural board, selected by the JEM Editorial Board and serving through October 31, 2024, includes:

Elena Hsieh, MD, Associate Professor of Immunology & Microbiology and Pediatrics, University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine

Caroline Menard, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval

Stefanie Spranger, PhD, the Howard S. (1953) and Linda B. Stern Career Development Professor and Associate Professor of Biology at MIT

Franklin Zhong, PhD, Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

At JEM, all editorial decisions on research manuscripts are made through collaborative consultation between in-house professional scientific editors and the academic editors. Learn more about the JEM Editorial Board and view who serves on the Advisory Editorial Board.

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