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Heaton and colleagues discuss regulation of viral-sensing pathways by protein ubiquitination and how viruses subvert the ubiquitin system.

In this review, O’Neill and Pearce discuss recent intriguing findings on metabolic changes regulating the function of macrophages and dendritic cells.

Brief Definitive Report

Hatlen et al. provide an integrative analysis of the mutational landscape of mouse and human AML and identify functionally relevant cooperation between AML1-ETO and PTPN11 D61Y. Based on these findings, they generate a novel mouse model of t(8;21)+ AML.


Everts et al. use Batf3−/− mice to examine the role of Batf3-dependent CD8α+ and CD103+ DCs in Th2 immunity in response to helminth infection. Loss of Batf3-dependent DCs resulted in rapid control of normally chronic infection with Heligmosomoides polygyrus, whereas liver fibrosis was exacerbated with Schistosoma mansoni infection. Mechanistically, steady-state IL-12 production by migratory CD103+ DCs was found to antagonize Th2 responses.

Ruane et al. demonstrate a role for the microbiota in modulating protective immunity to intranasal vaccination via the ability of lung dendritic cells to induce B cell IgA class switching.

Alexandre et al. demonstrate the XCR1+ DCs are instrumental in memory CD8+ T cell responses to Listeria, VSV or vaccinia virus infection, but not CMV. Depending on the infection, robust memory CTL responses require cytokine- and chemokine-dependent cross-talk between XCR1+ DCs and NK cells or other IFN-γ–producing lymphocytes.

Lang et al. show in a humanized mouse model that human B cells undergo central tolerance via a combination of receptor editing and clonal deletion.

Srour et al. identify a quality control, truncated Ig exclusion checkpoint dampening terminal plasma cell differentiation by eliminating cells expressing nonfunctionally rearranged Igκ alleles

Takeuchi et al. demonstrate that CRTAM identifies CD4 T cells with cytotoxic function, and present new insights into CD4+CTL development.

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