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Brief Definitive Report

Synthetic retinoids activate RARA- or PML/RARA-dependent transcription, but fail to degrade RARA or PML/RARA protein, which is insufficient for eradication of acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Eliminating key glycosylation sites on HIV envelope (Env) restores binding of the germline versions of known broadly neutralizing anti-Env antibodies.

RhoGEF12 is required for stretch-induced RhoA activation, and its absence protects mice against overload-induced heart failure.

The thymic medulla and an intact mTEC compartment are needed for the development of nTreg cells and negative selection of conventional T cells but not their further maturation.


Jagged2 preferentially signals through Notch3 to promote γδ T cell development.

A novel pre-TCRα (pTα) reporter mouse reveals that expression of pTα is confined to the T lineage and does not occur on prethymic progenitors.

CD27–CD70 signals are required for optimal development of natural regulatory T cells from the thymus.

CD1c tetramers loaded with a phospholipid antigen from M. tuberculosis are recognized by human T cells.

Anti–4-1BB treatment of tumor-bearing or intracellular pathogen infected mice generates a population of Eomes+KLRG1+ tumor infiltrating T cells that have enhanced cytotoxic activity.

PD-L1 decreases anti-viral CD8+ T cell motility and PD-1 blockade restores motility in the presence of high viral loads.

Lung-resident antigen-presenting macrophages promote tolerance to inhaled antigens via the induction of regulatory T cells.

miR-612 suppresses local invasion and distant colonization by directly inhibiting AKT2 in HCC.

Removal of 9-O-acetyl residues from the cell surface N-acetylneuraminic acid makes ALL cells drug sensitive.

Reduction of the CHOP target Gadd34 restores motor function in P0S63del mice with demyelinating neuropathy.

Activation of adenosine A2A receptor aggravates lung damage in a neurogenic mouse model of acute lung injury (ALI) but protects against nonneurogenic ALI.


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