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    Groups led by Vinuesa and Tarlinton find that IL-21 released from follicular T helper cells acts directly via the IL-21 receptor on B cells to boost germinal center B cell proliferation and differentiation. The original photomicrograph by Chang Pheh-Ping and Michelle Linterman shows the spleen of a wild-type mouse immunized 8 d earlier with sheep red blood cells; anti-IgD (orange) marks recirculating follicular B cells and peanut agglutinin (blue) stains germinal center B cells. Artwork by Joshua Graver (
    See pages 353 and 365

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ISSN 0022-1007
EISSN 1540-9538
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As data floods in, Germain works overtime to decipher which immunological information matters and how it can be applied to saving lives.


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