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Cancer Plasticity and Heterogeneity

Fundamental and translational studies examining the interactions between tumor cells and their microenvironment, including the immune system, and dissecting the metabolic, epigenetic, genetic, and signaling changes underlying tumorigenesis and tumor progression at the molecular and cellular level are essential to understand patient responses and develop new therapies. To coincide with the JCB-JEM Symposium: Tackling Cancer Plasticity and Heterogeneity that happened October 9, 2018 at The Rockefeller University in New York, the Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) and Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) editorial teams assembled a special collection of recently published cutting-edge cancer research. Articles were selected based on relevance and number of requests for full-text and PDF views. We are also pleased to announce that the live recording of the symposium will be streamed online. You may register to watch the livestream here. Note that to view the symposium on your mobile device, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app. Connect with us on Twitter at @JCellBiol and @JExpMed, and follow the discussion on this topic using the meeting hashtag #TacklingCancer2018
Special Collection Image
Eva Marina Schmidt; Sebastian Lamprecht; Cristina Blaj; Christian Schaaf; Stefan Krebs; Helmut Blum; Heiko Hermeking; Andreas Jung; Thomas Kirchner; David Horst
Zinal S. Chheda; Gary Kohanbash; Kaori Okada; Naznin Jahan; John Sidney; Matteo Pecoraro; Xinbo Yang; Diego A. Carrera; Kira M. Downey; Shruti Shrivastav; Shuming Liu; Yi Lin; Chetana Lagisetti; Pavlina Chuntova; Payal B. Watchmaker; Sabine Mueller; Ian F. Pollack; Raja Rajalingam; Angel M. Carcaboso; Matthias Mann; Alessandro Sette; K. Christopher Garcia; Yafei Hou; Hideho Okada
Megan L. Sulciner; Charles N. Serhan; Molly M. Gilligan; Dayna K. Mudge; Jaimie Chang; Allison Gartung; Kristen A. Lehner; Diane R. Bielenberg; Birgitta Schmidt; Jesmond Dalli; Emily R. Greene; Yael Gus-Brautbar; Julia Piwowarski; Tadanori Mammoto; David Zurakowski; Mauro Perretti; Vikas P. Sukhatme; Arja Kaipainen; Mark W. Kieran; Sui Huang; Dipak Panigrahy
Daniel Öhlund; Abram Handly-Santana; Giulia Biffi; Ela Elyada; Ana S. Almeida; Mariano Ponz-Sarvise; Vincenzo Corbo; Tobiloba E. Oni; Stephen A. Hearn; Eun Jung Lee; Iok In Christine Chio; Chang-Il Hwang; Hervé Tiriac; Lindsey A. Baker; Dannielle D. Engle; Christine Feig; Anne Kultti; Mikala Egeblad; Douglas T. Fearon; James M. Crawford; Hans Clevers; Youngkyu Park; David A. Tuveson
Antoni Ribas; Siwen Hu-Lieskovan
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