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Immune Cell Biology 2019

We are delighted to present this selection of cutting-edge research about immune cell biology, microbiology, and virology recently published in JCB. This collection includes some of our most highly read papers and articles chosen by our editors based upon topic. We hope you enjoy these articles delving into the cell biology of inflammation, immune cell migration, and lymphocyte activation, as well as the crosstalk between cellular metabolism and inflammatory signaling, the relationship between autophagy and viral infection, and the mechanisms of bacterial cellular invasion. Discover more of our immunology content through our new Inside Look series—which illustrates how cell biological knowledge can be harnessed in the clinic—with the example of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

We thank our authors and readers for continuing to turn to JCB to learn about and publish compelling new immune cell biology. We also thank our Editorial Board and reviewers for enhancing the work of their colleagues and providing a fair and constructive process for all papers. We welcome your feedback and questions on social media (@JCellBiol) or via email (

Image © 2018 Srpan et al.

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Federica Moalli; Xenia Ficht; Philipp Germann; Mykhailo Vladymyrov; Bettina Stolp; Ingrid de Vries; Ruth Lyck; Jasmin Balmer; Amleto Fiocchi; Mario Kreutzfeldt; Doron Merkler; Matteo Iannacone; Akitaka Ariga; Michael H. Stoffel; James Sharpe; Martin Bähler; Michael Sixt; Alba Diz-Muñoz; Jens V. Stein
DOI: 10.1084/jem.20170896
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