The ability of an adjuvant and its individual constituents to induce the production of Cx-reactive protein in rabbits has been studied. It was found that the adjuvant stimulated rabbits to produce large amounts of the acute phase protein for 3 to 6 days. Melted aquaphor blended with saline stimulated the production of Cx-reactive protein for 3 or 4 days. Mineral oil was less effective in stimulating the production of the protein than either adjuvant or aquaphor. Heat-killed Jamaica strain tubercle bacilli suspended in mineral oil did not induce the Cx-protein response.

The ability of subcutaneously administered adjuvant without antigen incorporated in the saline phase to potentiate the antibody response of rabbits to the intravenously administered antigens, C-reactive protein and human gamma globulin, was investigated. It was found that the adjuvant-treated animals produced more precipitating antibody to the two intravenously administered antigens than did the control animals given intravenous antigen alone.

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