Circulating antibody appeared in the convalescing NDV-infected chicken concomitantly with the disappearance of virus from the tissues. The antigenic response to the CG 179 and B strains was demonstrated to be approximately equal.

The neutralization test in the embryo and the hemagglutination inhibition technique yielded parallel results in the measurement of antibody early in convalescence, but late in convalescence the hemagglutination inhibition titers were relatively lower. This disparity indicates the possible duality of the antibodies.

There was a wide ratio between the neutralizing antibody titers found in the brain and in the serum after an asymptomatic infection with NDV. The antibody level in the brain appeared to be related to the extent of virus growth and damage in the central nervous system.

It appeared likely that a major factor in determining the virulence of the CG 179 strain was the more rapid attainment in the central nervous system of high virus concentration which outstripped the defense mechanisms of the host.

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