1. All of the thirty-six strains of group A hemolytic streptococci tested were found to elaborate ribonuclease and desoxyribonuclease during growth in liquid cultures. Both enzymes are released into the medium.

2. Desoxyribonuclease is consistently produced in greater amount than ribonuclease. The concentration of desoxyribonuclease in the culture increases logarithmically during active growth of the organisms.

3. Under the conditions employed, the presence of specific substrate or enzymatic split products of the substrate did not influence the production of either nuclease.

4. The failure of viscous desoxyribonucleic acid to serve as a source of the purine growth factor required by certain strains of group A streptococci was shown not to be referable to the inability of these strains to form desoxyribonuclease.

5. The determination of nuclease activity provides another criterion for evaluating purification procedures used in the attempted isolation of substances such as streptokinase and proteinase from the supernates of streptococcal cultures.

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