1. Further observations on the utilization of parenterally administered dog hemoglobin show that oral supplements of dl-methionine and l-cystine improve the efficiency of utilization of hemoglobin N, while a fed supplement of dl-isoleucine alone is without effect.

2. When N-isoleucine is added to a fed supplement of methionine or methionine and cystine, the utilization of parenterally given hemoglobin N is even better than with the sulfur-containing amino acids alone.

3. A suggested approach to the problem of designing the quantitatively "ideal" amino acid mixture lies in the definition of what may be called total organism-amino acid patterns of rat, dog, man, etc. These may vary considerably not only at different developmental stages in a given species, but also certainly from one species to another.

4. Further attempts to detect globin in the peripheral circulation have pointed to the need for a highly specific procedure such as that an immunologic method may offer.

5. Reduced hemin in dog plasma migrates with α1-globulin and albumin in veronal buffer at pH 8.5 and the colored zones give strong hemochromogen absorption bands.

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