1. During paralysis, the brain of the mouse infected with poliomyelitis virus shows on test after mincing a decrease in anaerobic glycolysis with no significant change in oxygen utilization. The decrease in anaerobic glycolysis varies from 5 per cent to 50 per cent.

2. Sodium fluoride produces a greater inhibition of anaerobic glycolysis in normal than in poliomyelitic brain.

3. Dehydrogenase activity is higher for poliomyelitis-infected brain without added substrate. This difference from normal disappears when substrates are added.

4. The ratio of

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for the sliced motor cortex is higher than

for sliced visual cortex of the dog and cat.

5. The oxygen consumption of the anterior horn of the sliced spinal cord of dog and cat is much less than that of the cerebral cortex.

6. The findings are in keeping with the view that, at a certain stage of the infection, the nerve cells may be reversibly injured but not yet destroyed by the virus.

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