The survival of Plasmodium lophurae in vitro, at temperatures of 39.5–42°C., is favored by a balanced salt solution having a high potassium content, by aeration but not by a very high oxygen tension, by an optimal density of parasites per cubic millimeter, by frequent renewal of the suspending medium, by concentrated red cell extract, by optimal concentrations of plasma or serum, of chick embryo extract, of glucose or glycogen, and of glutathione, and probably by yeast extract and a very low concentration of liver extract.

In the best preparations, as judged by infectivity, more than 40 per cent of the parasites were alive on the 3rd day, more than 20 per cent on the 4th day, perhaps 1 per cent on the 5th day, and about 0.05 per cent on the 6th day. Evidence was obtained that the parasites had multiplied during the 1st day of incubation.

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