1. In the monkey, dog, cat, and rabbit the cervical lymph duct was cannulated, and then a solution of T-1824, or trypan blue, or a fine graphite suspension, all in physiological saline, was dropped into the nose. T-1824 was used in all four animals, trypan blue in the cat and dog, the graphite suspension (Hydrokollag) in the cat alone.

2. No Hydrokollag was ever found in the cervical lymph.

3. Trypan blue and T-1824 appear in the cervical lymph 15 to 30 minutes after being placed in the nose of the cat and monkey, 51 to 53 minutes in the dog, and 14 minutes in the rabbit.

4. T-1824 and trypan blue were also absorbed from the nose directly into the blood.

5. Neither the dyes nor the Hydrokollag, though left in the nose for as long as 6 hours, were found to pass through the cribriform plate and reach the interior of the cranium.

6. In the monkey cervical lymph passes through a chain of five or more lymph nodes, in the rabbit frequently through two nodes, in the cat through one node except in rare instances, and in the dog through one node.

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