Living B. aertrycke were effective in place of aertrycke filtrate as either the preparatory or the provocative injection in the production of a positive Shwartzman reaction.

When living B. aertrycke were injected subcutaneously a more severe inflammation resulted, organization was delayed, and more living organisms survived at the site of inoculation in rabbits that had received 24 hours later an intravenous injection of B. aertrycke filtrate than was the case in similarly infected rabbits that had not received a subsequent injection of bacterial filtrate.

When a local state of hypersusceptibility was created by the subcutaneous injection of B. aertrycke filtrate, the subsequent (24 hours) injection of living B. aertrycke led to the development at the site of subcutaneous preparation of a hemorrhagic necrosing inflammation in which the bacteria localized.

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