1. With a photographic method for the determination of the size of prostatic and vesicular transplants in the anterior chamber of the eye, it has been possible to follow continuously the response to an injection of a hormone.

2. The results may be briefly summarized as follows: (a) One injection of the gonadotropic substance of pregnancy urine produces a moderate increase in size; (b) subsequent injections of this same substance for a period of at least 3 months are without effect; (c) an alkaline extract of the whole anterior pituitary gland produces a similar increase; (d) all pituitary derivatives are ineffective in the castrated animal; (e) castration brings about a decrease in size that gradually loses velocity; (f) the male sex hormone produces a slight increase in intact, and a variable, at times conspicuous, increase in castrated animals; (g) the female sex hormone provokes a conspicuous increase in both intact and castrated animals; (h) the hormone of the corpus luteum has no effect; and (i) there is no evidence of synergism of the pituitary and male sex hormones nor of antagonism of the male and female sex hormones in adult rabbits.

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