Two transmissible sarcomata (Nos. 15 and 11) are described. Strain 15 originated in a chicken injected with neurolymphomatosis of Strain 5. Its virus produces sarcoma characterized by peculiar giant cells, different from those of the other known chicken sarcomata. It does not produce neurolymphomatosis or leukosis.

Strain 11 is morphologically similar to the spindle cell sarcoma of Rous and of other workers. It occurred in an uninjected control chicken and its virus produces sarcoma unassociated with leukosis.

Both Strains 11 and 15 can be readily transmitted with material free from viable cells and their virus can be preserved by drying in the frozen state.

The viruses of leukosis of Strain 1 and sarcoma of Strain 11 when injected into the same bird retain their identity and can be readily reisolated.

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