Autoplastic splenic transplants were made in adult albino rats 4 weeks and 7 weeks prior to splenectomy and the protective effects against infection with the Bartonella muris anemia observed.

1. One-fourth of the spleen left in situ will protect adult albino rats against the Bartonella muris anemia.

2. Autotransplantation of splenic tissue in adult rats is successful in over 90 per cent of instances.

3. Autoplastic splenic transplants performed 7 weeks prior to splenectomy afford protection against Bartonella muris anemia in more than 50 per cent of instances, whereas 4 week old transplants do not protect.

4. A comparative histological study of the transplants of protected and unprotected rats reveals a regeneration of the pulp cells in the protected rats and an exhaustion destruction of the pulp in the unprotected rats.

5. The reticular cells play a specific rôle in protecting the adult albino rat against Bartonella muris anemia.

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