It is difficult to understand what factors may be concerned in the formation of the al. granules. The phenomenon may be concerned with changes in the cell membrane due to an abnormal environment; that is, material which would otherwise be excluded may be permitted to enter the cell, or, on the other hand, certain substances may be prevented from passing out of the cells. Previous investigators have shown that mesenchyme cells sometimes engulf certain foreign bodies, and it is possible that the solution of white of egg is ingested in the same manner. When a solution of peptone was placed on the cells instead of egg white, the phenomenon did not occur (Fig. 13); the cell remained normal and degenerated in the usual manner (Fig. 14). This would seem to indicate that the al. granules are not formed from peptone. Regardless of the factors involved, it is evident that egg albumin in the medium of tissue cultures of chick embryos causes the formation of numerous large granules in the cytoplasm of the connective tissue cells. This phenomenon is associated with unfavorable conditions for the life of the cells and results in the rapid death of the cultures.

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