The total capacity, middle capacity, and residual air have been determined in twenty adult women suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. The chest volumes have been determined in each case and the normal lung volumes calculated by means of the ratios worked out in Paper I and applied to thirty-one men in Paper II. The excursions of the diaphragm have been determined by fluoroscopy in all cases.

Of eight patients with incipient tuberculosis, five had lung capacities like those of men in the same group; i.e., about normal total capacity, slightly increased residual air, and consequently somewhat decreased vital capacity. Three had considerably diminished total capacity. In these three patients, however, clinical abnormalities were found (extensive miliary tuberculosis, obstruction of bronchus, fixation of diaphragm in expiratory position).

In twelve patients with moderately advanced and advanced tuberculosis, the results agreed with those found in men, the total capacity and vital capacity being decreased, while the residual air was practically normal.

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