1. After section of the spinal cord in cats in the cervical region, as low as the last cervical segment, epinephrin continues to be liberated from the adrenal glands. This liberation has all the characters of the normal secretion with intact central nervous system. It is sustained through the same nerve paths connecting the cord with the adrenals.

2. After section of the cord in the middorsal region the spontaneous liberation of epinephrin from the adrenals is abolished within the limits of detectability by the methods employed (denervated eye reactions of Meltzer, and rabbit intestine and uterus segments).

3. The portion of the cord concerned in the liberation of epinephrin does not appear to extend much below the third thoracic segment.

4. In acute experiments on cats under urethane anesthesia no change in the rate of liberation of epinephrin, which could be detected by the tests employed, was observed when the cord was severed in the cervical region.

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