1. The spontaneous occurrence of myeloid leukemia of the fowl is confirmed

2. Myeloid leukemia of the fowl is transmissible by intravenous or intraperitoneal injection of an organic emulsion.

The latter is in confirmation of the work of Ellermann and Bang (6, 7), who first successfully transmitted the disease. They were followed by Hirschfeld and Jacoby (13)) whose successful transmissions, however, seem to be limited to a strain which had its origin in a fowl presented to them by Ellermann and Bang. Burckhardt (14, 15) likewise transmitted the disease, but here again the stock animal came from Hirschfeld and Jacoby and therefore indirectly from Ellermann and Bang.

The transmission reported above is of special interest, because it originated in an animal absolutely unrelated to that of the previous investigators

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